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Torus Torvaldssen has been living and working in Baden-Baden (Germany) since 2001. He created numerous pictures in different styles, trying to express himself like any other talented painters. Here we present 4 different techniques to show the variety of styles. This web-site was intended not just to sell the pictures. According to its concept, here you won’t find any prices or advertising texts, tempting potential customers to make a purchase. The aim is to attract people of an artistic kind, and involve them in the process of supraliminal understanding of life. If this site has caught your attention and you are fascinated by the paintings, you are definitely of such kind. Torus knows personally everyone who purchased his pictures, because it is a very intimate act of bioenergy interchange. All his customers consider his pieces of art to have deep meaning. His recent exhibitions took place at Brenners Park Hotel & SPA (Baden-Baden, Germany) and Europa-park (Rust, Germany) in 2016. Art collectors from Europe, Russia, USA and Japan were among the purchasers.